Phillip Lim Pashli *Review*

Welcome back loves!

Today I thought I would do a quick review of my beloved Pashli. My husband suprised me with the beautiful bag last October. After owning it for about 8 months, I think I have put together a pretty good list of thoughts on this guy.


Lets get the details out of the way first. This bag retails for $895. The dimensions are 12.5X11X4. This bag comes with a removable shoulder strap that measures about 20 inches and can be worn cross body.

This is a heavy bag! It’s all treated leather which is my favorite and so care free. I am so thankful that it can be worn cross body because that seems to help relieve some of the weight. But to be honest, heavy bags don’t bother me. ┬áThis bag looks edgy with the dark hardware and I love it! The front has 2 zipper details. You can actually unzip them for more space! Overall the feel of this bag is quality. I don’t fear for it. I am not scared of scratching as the leather is super tough!

The inside is basic, which is what I like. There is 1 small zip pocket. Honestly I have never used it. I don’t like to stretch out pockets like that in case of resale. But I can image it would hold your cell phone just fine. The inside is a big dark hole which might turn some people off. Again, I prefer that. It’s incredibly roomy in there. The inside is lined in a canvas. Maybe cotton? Not too sure.

You guys, can we talk about the color?? It’s to die for. I love green, but this beautiful dark forest green? Yes! This bag was made for fall! It shines in fall time colors. I do wear this in the winter too. You can actually wear this anytime, but I do feel it’s a little heavy for summer.

Let talk some cons.
The number one complaint from people who own this bag in the clasp. Yes, It’s annoying, but eventually you will get used to it. Its a learning curve and unfortunately you probably will scratch up the clasp unless you spend 3 minutes carefully closing your bag.

I am putting this down as a con, although to me it’s not a huge deal, but the bag will slowly get slouchy. Because the leather is so heavy, the sides start to get smooshy and the bag will start to lose it’s shape. I don’t mind the slight creasing on the sides that my bag currently has from standing upright, but I do hope it keeps most of it’s structure.


I have had my bag for about 1 year now. Overall, I would say this is a great piece and I love it. It’s on the more affordable side for what you get and I love that! The leather is so strong and indestructible that I know this will last me a life time!

I hope you enjoyed my review on this beautiful bag! ┬áDon’t forget to check out my YouTube channel, The Purse Addict.