An Open Letter To The Judgy *RANT*

I know this is quite early in the game to start ranting, but I just wanted to get something off my chest. I apologize if this is messy and unorganized. That is usually how my life is.

The topic that has been stuck in my head is judgment. We get judgement from family, friends, acquaintances and everyone in between, because of what we chose to spend our money on. I get that it’s human to judge. I do it sometimes. But once I notice I am, I take a step back and ask myself… why? Why am I doing it? Does their life effect me? Does judging what they do daily effect me? No?? They why is it my business?? Its not.

When I say “Luxe Life” I am not referring to people who make millions upon millions of dollars. I am talking about people like me. I am an average person, who makes an average dollar. But I enjoy little luxuries. My little luxuries happen to be purses. It’s what I like. It makes me feel special. I save for what I want. That makes whatever it is I am saving for, worth so much more to me.

I find it hard to talk with people who are constantly judging what I spend my money on. Why is it anyone’s business but my own? And my husbands, of course. 🙂
To be honest, I have lost friends because of it. It’s hard for me to converse with someone who says “why in the hell would you spend that much money on a bag?” or “I can’t believe you are actually buying that, I would never.” and “Only rich, selfish people would ever spend that much on something so materialistic”. You are entitled to your own opinions and I will not take that from you. But I probably wont talk to you again.

I would never tell anyone how to spend their money. It’s not my money to spend. So please. Be mindful when you are talking with someone. Don’t bring someone down just because it’s not something you agree with. Why would you want to take away someone’s happiness?

Again, I know it’s early to start complaining, but it’s how I feel and I want to share that with you. Maybe we see eye to eye! Maybe we don’t, but I hope you take it into consideration that you might be hurting someones feelings..

Thanks for reading! I know it got a little crazy. I hope you have a great weekend!


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